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[20 Jan 2007|03:38am]
Yeah. You should leave a comment. This lady asked me during a meeting for my internship where do I think I will be in 5 years. I guess I should think about that. I had no idea what I would be doing. If she asked in 2 years, I would be able to tell her because thats 3 years less and 3 years is a long time. If she asked in 10 years, I would say, "maybe married and doing something I want to do." I should of told her, "doing something that lets me go home at the end of day with a smile which entails social work." I told her instead, "doing a social work program that would include music and working in England." Who knows? I need a vocalist. Dear Chris(former member of WIDB), can you sing? I am going to bed but always remmeber that if you are stuck in situation, try to pick the one that will let you go to bed with a smile on your face. It doesn't always work out that way but there is no bad in trying.
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[04 Dec 2006|01:58am]
Alone In The Dark is so bad but yet so good.
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Dance! [02 Dec 2006|09:19am]
Soooooooooo? How are you doing? LEAVE COMMENTS! There is snow everywhere here in Champaign. I like it. It is too cold though. I am going to Carbondale to see Cherylee(my old roomate) graduate to see everyone. It will be good times. I don't get any hours at AE. They give me a job but barely any hours? I don't see the point. I didn't do anything wrong because I asked the bosses. So I have no idea. So whats new? I am still curious how jeans are still popular. Of all types of pants, jean stays popular. Don't get me wrong. I like jeans but I think whoever thought of jeans was a really smart person. Kind of like toe rings. I am out. Peace. I am not going to reread this to see if I made any mistakes. I want this to live in the now.
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I haven't done of these in forever. So why not start now? [29 Nov 2006|01:11am]
I go to U of I now and I am at grad school there. Its good times. I hate when I have to wait for things to cool off after I cook them. I am getting a haircut but not till the begining of Jan. My mom wants me to get my hair cut by the dude that does her so I am taking her up on her offer. What is going for New Years? I have no idea what is going on. Listen to WPGU especially on Tues night/Wed morning from midnight-3am. If you listen and show proof, I will cook you a dinner that will not involve frozen foods. It will be a great dinner and I promise that one. I will learn how to cook somehow. Papers suck. I hate doing them. Chris Brown knows a great deal about a love life even though he is younger than 18. Apparently, he gets the ladies. I hate papers. I am not rereading this to see if I made any mistakes. If you read this, no matter who it is, leave a comment to let me know if I should write this stuff down.
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[12 Jul 2006|07:33pm]
June 2001

How old were you? 18

Where did you go to school? just graduated from Bloomington High School

Where did you work? The Library, Gip's Carmelkorn and a law office

Where did you live? Bloomington

Where did you hang out? I was doing summer theater so it was at parties at my place or parties somewhere else or with one of the girls I was dating

How was your hair style: red and spiky but not gelled

Did you wear braces?: nope

Did you wear glasses?: contacts most of the time

Who was your best friend?: a few

Who was your regular-person crush?: whoever I was dating I guess

How many tattoos did you have?: 0

How many piercings did you have?: 0

What car did you drive? 91 Lebaron

What was your favorite band/group: Screeching Weasel

What was your worst fear?: I don't think I had one at the time

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? nope

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?: nope

Had you driven yet?: yep and already had 2 tickets

Had you been to a real party yet?: yeah

Had your heart broken?: not yet


June 2006

How old are you?: 23

What grade are you in? going to grad school at U of I

Where do you go to school?: SIUC!!

Where do you work?: The Children's Foundation and a law office

Where do you live? Bloomington, awesome stuff

Where do you hang out?: a lot of places

How is your hair style?: shaggy

Do you have braces?: no

Do you wear glasses?: contacts most of the time

Still talk to any of your old friends: yeah

Who is your celebrity crush: Agent M

Who is your regular-person crush?:

How many piercings do you have?: 1

How many tattoos?: 1

What kind of car do you drive?: 99 Jeep Cherokee Sport

What is your favorite singer/band/group?: Screeching Weasel

What is your biggest fear?: that the world won't change to be ok with people's choices such as sexual orientation, etc...

Have you smoked a cigarette?: yeah but it is fuckin gross

Have you been to a real party?: haha yeah

Has your heart been broken?: yeah

Another survey.
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Its been awhile [12 Jul 2006|01:06am]
I haven't really updated in awhile so lets do it with a random survey.

1. Male friend: More than one.
2. Female friend: More than one.
3. Vacation: I want to go California.

1. Time of day: I hate waking up so the morning.
2. Day of the Week: Tuesdays?
3. Food: gross food
4. Memory: I got a few.

1. Person you saw: Andrea and Eric.
2. Talked to on the phone: Andrea.
3. Text: Jenn W.
4. IMed: Andrea
5. Messaged over myspace: a random girl who I thought was lost in my house that is a friend of my brother's, she sent my a message on myspace giving me a hard time about it so I told I am sorry if I seemed like an ass when I said it.

1. What are you doing now: Watching tv and going to bed soon. I am really tired.
2. Wearing: hoodie and shorts
3. Better than yesterday? Sure is.

1. Is: Sat.
2. Got any plans: band practice
3. Dislikes about tomorrow: I don't want it to be hot.

1. Number: 4
2. Song: My Favorite Accident by Motion City Soundtrack
3. Color: blue
4. Season: fall

So now that I did a survey, let me update you on my life. I am moving to U of I in a month and 21 days and I am really excited. Things are going well with music. I am in hip hop group with my buddy, Ryan call, The Super Sweet 309 Bros and a country(johnny cash style) called Kiss My Grits. We have a free show at the Fusion Brew on July 14th. I am working right now. That is my life.
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[22 Feb 2006|06:12pm]

1. Initials: RTOK
2. Name someone with the same birthday as you: no one, I took them all out

3. Last thing you ate: a cookie

4. For or against same sex marriage: for, love is love and no one has the right to tell someone you can't marry a person of the same sex
5. Are you homophobic: nope

6. Last person you hugged: Hill

7. Do you believe in God: yeah but only if he thinks I am real

8. How many U.S states have you been to: a good amount

9. How many of the U.S states have you lived in: just IL
10. Ever lived outside of the US: nope

11. Name something you like physically about yourself?: I personally like my belly button but I hate that it loves lint

12. Something non-physical you like about yourself: I can mind fuck

13. What is your dads name: Tim

14. Why are you still up?: because I can be, it is only 6:15 pm

15. Who made you angry today?: no one
16. Favorite kind of Food?: Japanese, Chinesse, dirt pies

17. Favorite holiday: Halloween

18. Do you download music: barely at all, I like to buy cd's but I don't care if people burn them from me

19. What illegal things have you done: it has to deal with hookers and frogs

20. Where would you want to go on a first date?: a mothafuckin rock show, my favorite dates are the dates where there is nothing planned, nothing planned at all, you pick them up and look at them and you say, "what do we do now?", those are amazing first dates

21. Would you date the person who posted this before you?: I already dated her
22. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?: I dated a girl who could play guitar and played me a song before

23. Have you ever cried for no reason?: well there is always a reason

24. Do you like Bush: he can die in hell, he is a murderer

25. Have you ever bungee jumped: no but I want to

26. Have you ever white-water rafted: no but I want to

27. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?: I don't think so but if they did, I would probably hit on them back, there is nothing better than a sugar momma

28. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings: they fuckin suck now so no because they suck

29. Have you met a real redneck?: tons, I went to school in Southern IL

30. How's the weather outside: alright, it is warming up

31. What song are you listening to right now: Suicide Pact(You First)-The Plus Ones

32. What are your current fav songs?: My Favorite Accident-Motion City Soundtrack

33. What was the last movie you watched?: Waiting

34. Do you wear contacts: sure do

35. Where was the last place you went besides your house?: I went to take Andrea to her house because she locked her keys in her car

36. What are you afraid of?: not being able to hear in the future

37. How many piercings and tattoo's do you have?: 1 piercings and 1 tattoo

38. How many pets do u have: Carmen, the coolest dog

39. Have you ever loved someone: a couple girl

40. What turns you on? naked high fives

41. What do you usually order from Starbucks: fuck that place
42. Have you ever fired a gun: yeah, in boy scout camp

43. Are you missing someone: yeah, tons

44. Fave TV show(s)? Video Diner

45. Do you have an ipod?: I have a wannabe

46. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb?: my mom said I looked like Squintz from Sandlot
47. Whats your mom's name: Teresa

48. Who would you like to see right now: all my friends

49. Favorite band of all time: Screeching Weasel is one the top

50. Dogs or cats: fuck cats

51. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to?: yeah, tons of times

52. Favorite flower: Lilacs

53. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn: butter that shit up
54. What books are you reading: Turning Stones by Marc Parent

55. Have you ever ridden in a limo: I did a couple times, one was an ex-g/f's bday party in high school right after we broke up, not fun but it was fun at the same time

56. Has anyone you were really close to passed away?: yeah

57. Do you watch MTV: yeah, I do

58. What's something that really bugs you?: use your fucking turn signals

59. What are some things you really like doing: radio, I love radio and seeing bands live
60. Do you like Michael Jackson: he made some good music in the past but I don't know the guy personally from the stuff that I have seen him do, I would have to say no

61. Can you dance: I think I am the best when I am drunk

62. Favorite football team: Bears
63. Favorite cereal: corn pops

64. Do you drive: yeah

65. What's the latest you have ever stayed out?: 5 or 6 am except when I did lock ins in junior high, then it would be 8 or 9 am

66. Last time you went bowling: it was for work

68. Who was your last phone call? Sam

69. Last time you were at work: I worked for my dad's this morning

70. Whats your favorite state to be in: not sure

71. W.W.J.D.? I think he would say hi, I would want him to give me a high five
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[21 Dec 2005|07:45pm]
Fuck that serious shit on livejournal. All is good.
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this is continued.... [10 Dec 2005|05:19pm]
[ mood | going to sell popcorn mood ]

I am not acting like myself and I really don't know why anymore. What the hell am I thinking and doing? I think maybe it is because I am not where I lived for 4 years or maybe that isn't it. I am just throwing stuff out there. I have realized I really need to chill and sit back and relax. Maybe I can't have a relationship right now or maybe I can. I just need to pull a DJ Tanner with her cousin on Full House(her real brother in real life). It worked for them. Maybe I don't like proving myself to other people about stuff. This is me ranting. I am having girl probs. I found the perfect girl and now it is fuckin up. She is amazing. She is beautiful, kind, caring, likes to rock out, and has the best smile. She is a bit older(half a year) than me which is good and that is what I need. I don't know what to do now. Well wish me luck while I hope things work out. I hate writing down serious stuff in livejournal about girls. Oh well. I did it anyways.

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[10 Dec 2005|10:57am]
[ mood | really tired ]

So I haven't updated this thing in awhile. How is everyone doing? School is alright. I was able to get overrides into some core classes in the MSW program at ISU. I miss being in cdale with my friends. That feeling pretty much stays all the time. The classes at ISU. I am getting a ride home. I will update this more later if I am not lazy.

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[02 Oct 2005|11:02am]
[ mood | weird? ]

I just saw something weird.

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[25 Sep 2005|11:19pm]
[ mood | fine whatever bitch ]

I miss my friends. This weekend, I hung out with this girl, Megan. After trying to find some plans, we went to a party in the middle of no where. Last night, I went for my friend's bday and we went bar hopping and some of us ended up at a strip club. It was a good weekend. I totally had a dream about a girl who was awesome. I felt the most comfortable with a girl in a long ass time. I mean comfortable with a girlfriend feeling where nothing can hurt you when you with her. You can feel that way with friends too where if you are with them, you feel safe but I didn't dream that. It was nuts waking up. I am going to a conference in Arlington Heights this week for work about bullies so I am excited about that. I am going by myself so I am guess I might be bored when during the nights. For a girl update, I was kinda dating, Renee. She was the one who was 24. We aren't dating anymore. We haven't been for awhile. This weekend I am going to see Hanelia(spelling?) who is Brian Moss and The Moment and a couple other bands. I might see Mates of State on Friday. I haven't really updated this thing for awhile. How are you guys who reading this doing? I don't know what to say in this. I miss things like my friends and I really want some green apples right now. I am glad I have some friends here but it still sucks when most of your friends are gone. Romeo Must Die is on tv. That is pretty cool. After that is Passenger 57. I have never seen that movie. The dude totally unlocked a door with a drill. I bet you can't do that in real life. Movies lie. Well make sure to rock out. If you read this, leave a comment.

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[25 Sep 2005|07:29pm]
I miss my friends from Carbondale like whoa.
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[06 Sep 2005|10:19am]
Carbondale on Friday.
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[27 Aug 2005|04:15pm]
[ mood | I like popsicles ]

2 weeks till Carbondale. Thank god.

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[16 Aug 2005|06:56pm]
[ mood | my eyes are driving me nuts ]

My eyes are dialated. It is hard as hell to type. Todd is coming on Friday. I am excited about that. I got free Papa Johns from Jenn last night. I got some new frames to make me look pretty. Other than that, I have been hanging out with friends. I had some fun times in the hot tub and crazy times in Clo's house that she was house sitting. I went to "mini warped tour" over in Pontiac for about 8 hours and then we came back and people were going to party at Clo's place so we went over there. That day was nuts but fun. I love the porn house. The next day we saw Sky High which was rad as hell. If you think it is lame to see that movie if you are 22, then you smell like a cheeseburger. Work is good. I had my first professional meeting for the Children's Foundation which went well. I got some pin striped pants and wore those. I looked hot as hell. Well I have to go but make sure you rock out.

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[11 Aug 2005|01:23am]
[ mood | tired as hell ]

Nothing new really here. I have been working and hanging out with friends. Todd is coming into town on Aug 19th which is a Friday and I think I have a show we can go to. I am excited to see him because I haven't seen him forever and I miss him and everyone else. I will have to visit Cdale a lot to see all my friends. Tonight, I went to Turner's. Laura called me up and asked me if I would go to Slick Rick's(the biker bar and townie bar here) for karokee and so I did. Turner wanted to drink tonight so I asked if he wanted to go with. It was fun times. I need a break from the ladies. I haven't been single for a good amount of time for awhile. I need to just be single and not date anyone. I guess I need a break from any kind of relationship other than a friendship. There is a mini warped tour going on in Pontiac on Friday. Joe's band, Running From Right is playing there. There is going to be skaters and it is going to be all day long. It should be good times. I hope you all rock out and take care.

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[06 Aug 2005|05:29pm]
Back from Carbondale. I had an awesome time with my friends. It was awesome. On Sunday night, we went to Upside Downtown with Baby Jess and B. Monday night, I think we stayed in. Not sure. Tuesday night was hangar 9 and that is always a good time. Wed was the Plus Ones and if you like punk and were in the cdale area during this time and missed the band, well you suck. That was one of the best bands I have seen in the Carbondale scene. Thursday night was a frat a party. It was a friend of Annie's and everything was free. It was great. I went home Friday to go see Day At The Fair in Peoria. It was awesome. They did lost and lucky for me in which they rarely do so that was awesome and I had an awesome shout out from Rob so that was great. They were amazing. Back to cdale. It was great. I had some of the best times. I plan on visiting early Sept so be sure to on the look out for that. During the day in cdale, I slept in and ate food and saw friends and packed. I have some stuff out of my car so far but not tons but I will get the rest of the stuff done tomorrow. Unpacking and packing sucks. I start my new classes soon and again, the girls out number the dudes but I have no prob in that. I have realized I have no idea what I want in a girl. I know I want a girl who doesn't annoy me and one who doesn't yell at me in the middle of the mall. I have 2 down. I will add more later. Looks like the chances of Annie and I getting married are getting higher and higher by each day. I have to go because I have to go work and sell some popcorn. I found my Kris Kross tape so I pump those jams now.
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[30 Jul 2005|02:37pm]
[ mood | Just got up ]

The Radio Scene's last show was last night. It was an awesome show but it was sad because we have all known them forever. Carbondale tommorrow. What What. Waive your hands in the air like your a true player.

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[27 Jul 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Last night, Eric, Elaine, Joe, Lynn and I decided to swim when it was raining which was fun and good times. This Friday is The Radio Scene's last show so make sure to go in El Paso. So far, Joe, Laura, and I are going. All my tires match which is cool. Matt comes home today so rock and roll with that. Nothing else is new besides that. That is called a quick ass update.

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